Sunday, August 8, 2010

New hobby, new blog...

After ATCs, inchies, chunky pages, dotees, cross-stitching, I have found a new hobby: card making. That was in November 2009. At this time I started to collect (not to say to compulsively buy) rubber stamps and clear stamps featuring owls and cats without caring about the companies who made them. And then by chance I discovered a whole new world on Flickr: the Hero Arts pool. Looking more closely to my brand new stamps, I had a few HA ones already.

Until now, I had always worked in mixed media style (or thought I had...) when I made ATCs or inchies or chunky pages. Now it seems that I feel more comfortable with the card making style. I guess I needed more straight lines or maybe more concrete things!

I'm a "period person". When I find a new hobby, I dive into it passionately, explore everything about it - sometimes just surfing the net to learn all I can about the subject and being more passive than active. So I don't know how long I will keep this blog going but I'll do it until obsession fades or if life pulls me away from here.

Enough talking! In the next posts, I'll try to display the cards I made lately.

Welcome in my little world and... until next time :)


Après les ATCs, les inchies, les chunky pages, les dotees, le point de croix, je prends une direction légèrement nouvelle mais qui reste en relation avec ce que je faisais avant : j'appellerais ça de la "carterie". Des cartes d'anniversaire, de voeux, de ci, de ça, à une époque où les cartes électroniques ont déjà pris le pas sur leurs versions papier, ce que je trouve dommage.

En novembre 2009, allez savoir pourquoi, je suis devenue accro aux tampons (encreurs!). J'ai commencé à collectionner les tampons sur le thème des chats et des chouettes, sans vraiment prêter attention à leur marque. En même temps, j'ai découvert sur Flickr le pool "Hero Arts". Et depuis, je plonge dedans régulièrement, ma collection de tampons HA s'étant bien agrandie....

Je suis quelqu'un qui fonctionne par période. Quand je trouve un nouveau hobby, en général je me jette dedans à fond jusqu'à ce que la passion s'atténue, voire disparaisse. Je ne sais donc pas combien de temps je tiendrai ce blog... Qui vivra verra... mais vous êtes évidemment les bienvenus !

A bientôt !


  1. yay! welcome to blogspot isa! congrats on your fresh new start! love the lanterns in the background - very soothing :)

  2. Great first post, isa! I love how blogging brings us together from all across the world!

  3. Bonjour!!

    Well done on getting your blog started (you are one step farther than I). So glad you have "found" HA, they are the best. I discovered them eleven years ago and haven't looked back. Very cute blog name:o)

  4. Can't wait to see your cards here, Isa! I'll be back often!

  5. Love your new blog! I think your work is so creative and I am looking forward to seeing more!


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