Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tropic'owl sunset

To go on with my sum up, here is my first attempt at joining the Hero Arts contest in June. The themes were "Summer fun" or "4th of July". For those who know me a little bit, it was not hard to guess that I chose "Summer fun"!

 As usual, I had this card in mind for a while. I saw this big owl that I love in a bikini on a beach between two palm trees. I had the melon net long before the contest and I had kept it because I knew it would made a small hammock one day. When I was doing some mixed media, I tended to keep everything that could be useful in the making of ATCs or chunky pages.

When I dressed up my owl with the bikini, I thought something was missing. She felt (yes, she's girl, of course!) a bit naked. See her suntan?
The idea of adding a sarong came quickly but I struggled to tie the knot because I wanted it very thin.

The palm trees are hand cut and slightly sponged with Distress Inks. The coconuts are made of cork sponged with ink too. The sand is made of sandpaper, that I used a lot when making mixed media and I added to leaves from the "Three ferns" stamps to make it look a bit more wild.

Making this card was much fun! This big owl is so versatile that you can make lots of different scenes with it. I will have to think what to do with it in another context...

Thanks for looking!

Stamps: Hero Art "Big owl", "Three ferns"


Pour continuer le résumé des cartes faites au cours de ces 2 derniers mois, celle-ci est ma première tentative de participation au concours du blog Hero Arts en juin. Les thèmes proposés étaient "Eté fun" et le 4 juillet (fête nationale aux USA). Ceux qui me connaissent un peu devinent surement déjà lequel j'ai choisi....
J'avais cette carte en tête depuis un certain temps. En fait, je "vois" mes cartes à l'avance généralement. Je voyais donc cette chouette en bikini avec son paréo entre deux palmiers sur une plage des mers du sud. J'avais gardé un filet de melon dans l'idée d'en faire un hamac un jour. Il a trouvé sa place ici. "Du temps" où je faisais du mixed-média, j'avais une grosse tendance à garder un peu tout et n'importe quoi au cas où ça serve...
Les palmiers sont découpés à la main et tamponnés d'encre Distress. Les noix de coco sont en liège également encrés de Distress. La sable est en papier de verre et j'ai ajouté deux feuilles découpées extraites du motif du tampon "Three ferns" de Hero Arts pour ajouter un peu de verdure.

A bientôt !


  1. Your post is just as adorable as your card. She is quite the glamorous beach girl! I love her wrap and bikini. Just too cut and creative!

  2. I am just laughing out loud! loved reading about the evolution of this card ;) Thanks for sharing, isa! linking this..

  3. What an exquisitely charming and adorable card! I love the sarong...who would think of outfitting an owl with a bikini and sarong? This is crafting at its very best, thanks for sharing!
    bless you!


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